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The VelGrid is an accessory especially designed for use in the measurement of general face velocity conditions.

Applications include exhaust hoods, HEPA clean room filter outlets, laminar flow work stations, and large filters and coils.

The VelGrid is a 12" square, 16 point, face velocity grid for coil, filter, fume hood and clean room testing. Each reading represents the input of 16 velocity points over a 14"x14" area (1.36 sq ft).


A 54-inch adjustable extension handle, and meter neckstrap allow convenient positioning and use of the VelGrid.


The VelGrid comes complete with:

4.gif (74 bytes) Pushbutton Handle
4.gif (74 bytes) Extension Rods
4.gif (74 bytes) Tubing Harness
4.gif (74 bytes) Meter Neck Strap


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