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The AirData Multimeter is a precision instrument designed for long term field use if given reasonable care and maintenance. The meter and FlowHood should be kept reasonably clean, and should be stored in the protective case when not in use. The meter case and internal components are rugged, and well able to withstand normal handling. Continued rough handling will eventually cause damage.

The meter case is water resistant, but is not waterproof. Do not use the meter in conditions where liquids or corrosive gases might enter the case or pneumatic inlets.

Do not use or store the meter in temperatures outside the specified ranges. The meter may seem to tolerate summertime storage in such places as the trunk of a vehicle, but battery life and other functions will eventually deteriorate.

CAUTION: When replacing the batteries, be very careful to insert each cell in its indicated position for polarity. The polarity position marking for each cell is embossed in the housing beneath each cell position. Take note that the cells are not all oriented in the same way. Failure to observe proper cell positioning can result in severe damage to the meter.

Battery life will be prolonged if the batteries are periodically permitted to discharge until the display registers LOW CHARGE or RECHARGE. The battery charger cord should be coiled in gentle loops rather than wound tightly around the body of the charger transformer. This will greatly extend the life of the charger cord.

If rechargeable batteries are not available in a field situation, the batteries may be replaced with 12 non-rechargeable, alkaline "AA" pen cell batteries.

WARNING: Do not plug the charger in if any non-rechargeable batteries are in the meter. The meter may be seriously damaged, along with the batteries and charger.

Any attempt to service or repair anything inside the meter will void the Warranty and may cause serious damage to the sensitive electronic components.

It is suggested that the AirData Multimeter be returned to the factory at least every two years for recalibration, maintenance, and software update. This will keep the meter up to date with ongoing improvements and new features as they develop. It will also assure that the original accuracy of the meter is maintained throughout the life of the meter.



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